Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Power of Commitment...

Several years ago, I took a class that was part of a job requirement, called "The Power of Commitment." Now I gotta tell that I was not prepared for the things I would learn in this class. This class taught me things that went completely against what I had learned over my life. The idea of the class was that we know if we are committed by the results we get. In other words, if I say, "I am committed to losing 60 pounds". And then I only lose 30, then the reality is that I was not committed to losing 60 pounds. I was actually committed to losing 30 pounds. Sounds pretty simple, right? Read on...

As the class went on, scenarios were played out that would completely baffle most who were in the class. Some were so angered by some of these scenarios, that they got up and walked out. There were a lot of emotions displayed during the course of this class. You see, the class was based on Quantum Theory. Questions like the following were asked during the class. If you were on your way to work and a plane crashed on the freeway, were you committed to being to work on time? If you missed your sales quota last month, were you committed to reaching the quota? If you were hit by a car and died while out jogging, were you committed to getting home safely after your jog? If you're feeling a little bit uncomfortable right now, imagine a whole room full of people as they pondered these questions.

You see, the Theory of Quantum Physics pretty much translate to a very simple statement, "It is what it is". The results tell you exactly what you were committed to. Now please understand that I am not a scientist, nor do I lay one on television. I'm just a guy who likes to ride his bike, enjoys a good steak dinner, and loves his family. But, I am pretty open to learning new concepts. This concept was very different and took a lot to accept. But, when I allowed myself to accept it, commitment took on a whole new meaning for me. If you're truly committed, you will do whatever it takes to fulfill the commitment you made.

Think about that. Think about the commitments you make in life and then think about the results. How did the results affect not only your life, but the lives of others who you came into contact with? Your wife or husband, your children, your co-workers, friends and family? Are you committed to riding 50 miles this Saturday, or will something get in your way? You see, we can't make a commitment and then use something as an excuse when the results show we were committed to something else.

For more on this topic, visit this blog. It's pretty powerful stuff once you accept it. Afterall, it is what it is!


  1. wow - powerful stuff. I had heard a similar concept before regarding body transformations. Basically it said, any goal is achievable with enough time and/or money.

    what's unique about what you've presented is that commitment goes beyond our stated goals. it applies to our unconscious goals as well. It's interesting and I think I like it. I guess I don't like to believe in 'fate' - I like to believe I have some control over that happens to me - and that's a lot of what this is about.

    thanks much for sharing!

  2. Yeah Shawn, I really struggled with this during the class. Some things are out of our control, but instead of accepting that, we make excuses for not following through on a commitment. On the other hand, we sometimes over commit or commit to something we are not capable of, so accepting this theory also forces us to consider our commitments before making them. It can also force us to push ourselves to fulfill a commitment no matter how difficult.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. My hubbys says that quite a bit, "it is what it is." Interesting discussion topics, it made me tense up! :-) Sara

  4. Sara, thanks for the comment. It does make a person tense up, that's for sure. I guess we have to see things for what they are and accept the fact that we do not control everything. At the same time, we have to also realize that the things we can control have to be taken seriously if we are to fulfill our commitments. Thanks again!