Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Three Amigos Live On!!!

With Chris Horner announcing his decision to join Team Radio Shack, the newly created Pro Cycling team lead by Lance Armstrong, we now know that the Three Amigos will ride on. I for one, really enjoyed watching Lance, Levi, and Chris while riding in some of the smaller rides here in the States. The Tour of Gila turned into a huge success with the addition of these guys, and the Nevada City Classic fared pretty well with their participation as well. It's no doubt that Team Radio Shack will be a well oiled machine like all the teams that Lance Armstrong has ridden on since 1999. I just hope that Chris Horner has a better year than he did this year, not to mention that being picked for the 2010 TDF team would be pretty nice! C'mon Johan! Check out Chris Horner's blog here.

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